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Land of the 'The Jungle Book'

Kipling borrowed heavily from Robert Armitage Strendale's books 'Seonee', 'Mammalia of India and Ceylon' and 'Denizens of the Jungle' for the topography, wildlife, and its ways. Mowgli was inspired by Sir William Henry Sleeman's pamphlet, 'An Account of Wolves Nurturing Children in Their Dens' which describes a wolf-boy captured in Seoni district near the village of Sant Baori in 1831. Many of The Jungle Book's locations are actual locations in Seoni District, like the Waingunga river with its gorge where Sherkhan was killed, Kanhiwara villlage and the 'Seeonee hills'.

Environment Education & Awareness

Park Interpretation Centre

An 'Interpretation Centre' is commissioned at the Turiya gate (main entrance to Pench Tiger reserve).

Training of Guides

70 guides were trained for proper interpretation of PA.

Training of Local School Teacher

30 Local Teachers were trained with help of Zoo Outreach Organization, M.P. Biodiversity Board under Teachers for Tigers Program.

Training of Taxonomist

For the validation of Biodiversity register & create awareness in Biodiversity of the area 12 Students and 4 Forest personals were trained with the financial help of Biodiversity Board and technical help of Government College Seoni.

Mowgli Children Festival

To generate awareness among school students regarding Environment & Wildlife a three days Mowgali festival is organised by State Government of M.P. Around 250 students and 50 teachers from all the districts of state take part in this festival every year.

Environmental Awareness and Education to School Children

A massive environmental educational programme is launched in PTR to educate the School Children of the near by villages. Recently E-education programme is launched at our Turia Interpretation Centre to educate the local school children with the support of Harsh Piramal Group.

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