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Reserve Profile - Pench Tiger Reserve

In the year 1977 an area of 449.392 sq. km. was declared Pench Sanctuary. Out of this, an area of 292.857 sq. km. was declared Pench National Park in the year 1983 and 118.473 sq.km. remained as Pench Sanctuary. In 1992 Govt. of India declared 757.85 sq. km. including the National Park and sanctuary, as the 19th Tiger Reserve of the country. The Pench National Park and Pench Sanctuary were renamed as Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park & Pench Mowgli Sanctuary in year 2002.

Statement of Area:

Core Area

411.330 Sq. km.

Area of Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park

292.857 Sq. km.

Area of Pench Mowgli Sanctuary

118.473 Sq. km.

Buffer area

768.302 Sq. km.

Total Area of Pench Tiger Reserve

1179.632 Sq. km

The Pench hydroelectric dam straddles the Maharashtra - Madhya Pradesh boundary. The dam, constructed during 1973 to 1988 has resulted in the submergence of about 72 sq. Km area out of which 54 sq km is in Pench National Park M.P & the rest in Maharashtra.

There are four distinct seasons in the area- the summer from March to the second week of June (till the rain break), the rainy season from the second week of June to almost middle of September and the winter from November to February. The post monsoon period from middle of September to October has its own characteristics and has specific importance in connection with the habitat and animal relationship.


Declared Pench Sanctuary (449.392 sq km)


Declared Pench National Park (292.857 sq km) 118.473 sq km remained as sanctuary and 38.062 excluded from umbrella of PA


Included in Project Tiger


Management of Sanctuary was handed over to Pench Tiger Reserve


The Pench Sanctuary was finally notified by vide the Govt. of M.P. Forest Department's Notification no. F.15-65-96-X-2 Bhopal dated 21-8-1998.


National Park was renamed as "Indira Priyadarshinig Pench National Park" and Sanctuary was named as "Pench Mowgli Sanctuary"


Final notification as "Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park" vide notification dated 16.12.05 by MP Govt. no. F-15-11-05-x-02


Areas of National Park and Sanctuary are declared as Core of Pench Tiger Reserve Reserve notified dated 24.12.2007 by MP Govt. no. F-15-31-2007-X-2.


The Buffer Zone of the tiger reserve has been notified F-15-8/2009/10-2 dated 05-10-2010