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Activities and Charges - Pench Tiger Reserve

Nature Trail:

For tourists who want to experience nature close at hand, nature trails are the best option. Nature trails have been identified outside the park and numerous flora and fauna can be encountered in their natural surroundings. Trained guides can be hired for nature trails at the park gates at Turia and Karmajhiri.

Jungle Safari:

The major attraction of the park is the jungle safari. In a Jeep drive round the park one can see a variety of animals and birds, especially large herds of chital. The various points in the park worth a visit are as follows:

  • Alikatta :A relocated village site that is now the main elephant camp of the park. The grassland or maidan here has numerous herds of chital and the submergence around the southern and western sides of the village affords splendid scenery.
  • Pyorthadi : An abandoned village site that is partly submerged. The submergence attracts huge herds of chital and other animals. The submergence is open only after December.
  • Chindimatta : A small hillock on the edge of the submergence, this is the main base of the boating facilities in the park.
  • Karmajhiri : This is a forest village outside the northern gate of the park. The accommodation facilities of the park are located here.
  • Bodanala : The Bodanala irrigation tank on the park boundary is a picturesque water body that attracts animals as well as numerous birds during winter.
  • Chhedia : The second relocated village in the park, now a fine grass land.


The large Pench reservoir within the park with its numerous islands provides a magical setting for boating. Motorboats and Paddleboats are available for the tourists at Chhindimatta.

Entry Fees for Tourism Activities, Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh

Rate Chart of Tourism Activities in Pench Tiger Reserve, M. P.
S.No.Purpose of Entry
Fee (in Rs.)
1.Viewing wildlife by vehicles (Per round)
ALight vehicle, Upto 8 persons (6 Tourists+1Guide+1Driver)
BMini bus, per tourist, per round (Bus Facility by MP Tourism Development corporation)
510/- Per person
2.Fees for Guides (G-2)Excursion in vehicle per round 
3.Photography by tourists - Video / Still camera
4.Elephant ride 1 hour. (To be booked one day in advance) 
1000/- Per person
5.Filming and Photography

No. of days
Indian educational / research institute
1st Seven days
8th to 15th days
Next 16th days

Field Director

Pench Tiger Reserve, M.P.

Vehicle / Guide Availabilities :

  • There are around 94 private gypsies registered at Turia gate.

List of registered gypsies and their contact mobile numbers at Turia Entry Gate

  • 04 private gypsies are registered at Karmajhiri gate.

List of registered gypsies and their contact mobile numbers at Karmajhri Entry Gate

  • Registered Park Guides are also available at Turia, Karmajiri & Jamtara Gates.

List of registered Park Guides {Turia/Karmajhri/Jamtara Gate}

NOTE :- It is responsibility of the tourist(s) to arrange vehicle (s) for their Park Safari.